When you call Back Bay Mining Company for their services, you will receive the best there is to offer in mineral stones. Take a look at the mineral and semi- precious stone chart below to see what you can get in our mineral enriched bags of rough.

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones
From Across The World

This 27' sluice can handle 14 prospectors at a time. This was used at recent festivals in 2006. It has a cascading waterfall, a step up to the upper sluice (for the "wee bit" shorter people), and the old whiskey barrel with water coming through an old copper gutter elbow into the troughs. It has great eye appeal and always draws attention.

We have a custom built sluice on a 16' tag-a-long trailer. This can also accommodate 14 prospectors. We just drop the rear walk-up platform, you walk in and start panning for those treasures. Like the festival sluice, it has great eye appeal and is more compact to fit into those smaller spaces. This is the ideal sluice for birthday parties and groups.

We offer a 3.5 lb. and 4.5 lb. bag of mineral rough/soil mixture. Both bags have many varieties of mineral stones in each bag. Purchase a bag of mineral enriched soil and pour it into a sifting tray. Dip it into the sluice and watch the soil wash away leaving you with the gems!! Each bag of mineral rough is quality controlled for Back Bay Mining Company so we know what the treasure will be in the bags we offer.